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  • No Fees
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  • No Repairs
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  • No Buyer Vetting
  • No Contingencies
  • No Additional Costs or Fees
  • No Extended Wait Times
  • Choose Your Own Closing Date
  • Save Thousands in Closing Costs
  • Save Yourself Time
  • Save Yourself Stress

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Selling a home in today’s market is often a long, tedious process.

Homeowners need to coordinate with real estate agents on home preparation, MLS listings, scheduled showings, extensive paperwork, bank transaction wait times, and so much more. With Turnkey Properties, homeowners can complete the sale of a property more conveniently and efficiently.

Turnkey saves you time

Selling a home through traditional means requires a great deal of time. Real Estate Agents need to be selected and brought into the process. Homes need to be repaired, cleaned, photographed, listed, and shown. And all of those steps must be completed before an offer is even submitted to a bank for a standard 30-day closing cycle, during which all manner of unexpected events can derail the process and cause owners to have to start all over again.

Turnkey Properties spares homeowners all of the home-selling hassles with simple, straightforward offers that may be easily accepted or declined. Homeowners do not need to deal with real estate agents, property listings, showings, or extended closing cycles, only honest cash offers made by real estate professionals.

Turnkey saves you stress

Selling a property can be an extremely stressful process. Sellers need to be aware of the current market environment, prepare their homes accordingly, find, vet, and select potential buyers, work through contingencies that often leave outcomes uncertain, and also pay any unforeseen additional costs and fees. All of the extended processes and uncertainty when trying to sell a home can create a great amount of stress.

Turnkey Properties takes the constant uncertainty out of the home-selling process. Sellers simply contact a Turnkey representative, receive an offer on their property, and, if accepted, choose their own closing date and collect their cash offer.

Selling your home with Turnkey Properties could not be any easier. No fees. No commissions. Only sincere real estate buyers. So, reach out and request your cash offer today.

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Turnkey Properties Group

Who we are

Turnkey Properties Group offers homeowners an expedited process that avoids the many inconveniences of selling a property. We provide sellers with a clear path to quickly sell their home with no closing costs, paperwork, agent fees, relocation fees, or other unnecessary real estate industry hoops to jump through.

Sell your property fast and easy and get the highest off-market offer possible with Turnkey Properties Group.

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